Mom, Dad, You’re Doing Big Important Stuff.


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To all moms and dads, or future ones. Especially to stay-at-home parents, and myself, because we can be forgetful in the moment.


Dear Mom, Dad,

At the time of writing summer is coming, with it maybe organizing priorities for the future. In the dark corner of our assessments, we can feel we are not doing enough or much staying home with our young people.

To that I say, stop that non-sense.

Isn’t enjoying life, playing outdoors, joyous learning at one’s pace, showing love in million different ways… enough?

Isn’t letting young people enjoying being young, the greatest gift?

Isn’t it one of the most important jobs, raising happy and healthy people?

Walk tall with your children in public areas. Even when there’s a meltdown. Children are [precious] people too, and have the right to be. Don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise.

Keep a smile on your face even in the toughest days, it becomes the fire that keeps you going, and it CAN make all the difference for your family.

Talk with joy about your chosen path putting your children before every other “big important stuff”. But don’t get caught in arguments. The happiness of your young person speaks louder than words, and shows you’re on the right path.

Surround yourself with people who value the same Big Important Stuff for support and joy along the way.

Feel gratitude for your situation and what you can do. There are some that aren’t as lucky.

Make the journey an adventure. Take on the challenges with enthusiasm (it comes from the world “with God”) and ingenuity.

Do the best that you can, at this time.

Cheer up!

We. Can. Do. It.

Because it might not seem always enough, but in fact, it likely is. To someone really special, we are the sun. As needed as it is. This special person needs us, and we’re likely to be doing very good.

The million little things we are doing are as important as little brush strokes to make the greatest heartfelt painting ever.

So I congratulate you and urge to keep on making your family THE Big Important Stuff.

Marie-Eve Boudreault