Living with Children, a Real Blessing? 10 great things young people can teach us

Living with Children, a Real Blessing 10 great things young people can teach us marie eve Boudreault happiness zen lifestyle alternative family living author book blog

In our modern society I often get the message that living with young people isn’t a blessing, that we should procreate less, that we’re here to “teach them”, and that it’s best we focus on our adult lives, at best setting every thing up for a perfect life before we have them… and follow the norm to leave them in daycare.

Even positive psychology research on happiness perpetuates this message. People with young children would be notably less happy, as to people’s perceptions.

I feel if it’s the case that as modern adults we fail to recognize the little joys in our daily lives that children bring. I also think I learn as much from my children as they learn from me. I think we’re becoming a bit too narcissist and egocentric, and it’s sad. We forget that happiness research also emphasizes that closeness with people we love is a major part of happiness.

But there’s hope if we can focus back on what truly matters.

Here are 10 things children can teach us.

1. Feeling our emotions

Young people feel deeply. They expend their accumulated energy. And then they move on. How many adults can honestly say they do that? We tend to accumulate energy and manifest our emotions in a less healthy way, leading to sickness. We should learn to feel our emotions through deep breaths, let go, and move on.

2. Being in the moment

Young children are in the now. Time is a concept we get later, and not necessarily for the better. We forget to enjoy what surrounds us, contrary to them.

3. Living in the moment

Children do stuff now. They’re either busy with important activities or off to sleep. My children learned two languages in a few short years! Young people respected in their autonomy can inspire our productivity.

4. Enthusiasm!

You know when a child is having fun. It’s contagious! We could all need more enthusiasm in our adult lives.

5. Determination

They fall? They get back up, with no almost no fuss if not taught. They are determined to go or get what they need. They need something? They ask [ok, maybe over and over, but they know how to get their way]. I know I for one can benefit of more assertiveness.

6. Listening to our needs

Young people usually listen to their needs. Tired? They can sleep almost anywhere. Hungry? They ask or go get it. We know what they want. Do we really know what we want, as adults?

7. Empathy

I’m always touched at how children have empathy when someone’s hurt. They let their hearts be touched easily. How often do we do that later in life?

8. Living is learning

Life is here to be learned. Learning is living. We should not forget that as soon as we leave school, and be instead lifelong learners for many benefits.

9. Love

One of my favorite teachings: having children, and children themselves, teach us about what true love is. The most important learning in life, I feel.

10. Happiness

Young people are boisterous with happy energy when truly respected. I feel most of us lose this capacity growing up. Living with children can make us happy again.

Living with children can make us whole. To me, this is worth it.

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Marie-Eve Boudreault