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101 Irresistibles Reasons We Celebrate and Love Parenthood {Free Inspiring Poster!} #mothersday #fathersday


101 Reasons We Love Parenthood {And Free Inspiring Poster!}, Blog This Parenting Thing. Click to read or pin to save for later! #parenting #mothersday #fathersday


Parenthood can be freaking hard. Some of us say parenting is one of the most difficult jobs. You’ve surely heard of one of those moments, or lived it yourself, including around-the clock-morning-sickness, cumulative lack of sleep, and poo-related events (or maybe all of those at the same time).

But what’s wonderful about parenting is that the benefits, more often than not, surpass the bad moments.

It can be the best thing in the world too. Really!

When we look at it carefully, we can find many reasons to treasure children and parenthood. Here are the proofs, collected in the form of 101 reasons to love and celebrate parenthood.

Here is what we talk about when we say we love parenting.

101 Reasons We Love and Celebrate Parenthood

  1. Their newborn gaze
  2. The delightful baby smell
  3. The first latch or feed
  4. Those tiny hands
  5. Those tiny feet
  6. That they look a bit like us
  7. The first smiles
  8. Getting hugs
  9. Giving hugs
  10. The crystalline laughs
  11. Neverending giggles
  12. The cute baby talk
  13. Carrying them around
  14. The first moves
  15. That they never give up doing better
  16. When they first cruise around the house
  17. The magical first steps
  18. When they become toddlers
  19. The first words
  20. Their first jokes
  21. That everything is a marvel to them
  22. Their first teeth
  23. The first tiny sticky hands everywhere
  24. Their barefoot walking
  25. Hearing Mommy and Daddy for the first time
  26. When they finally go putty successfully
  27. When we help them overcome difficult situations
  28. The way they melt our hearts
  29. Our love for them
  30. Their love for us
  31. That they are becoming our best friends
  32. The love grandparents have for them
  33. The first discoveries outdoors
  34. The first drawings
  35. Their bouncing joy
  36. Their free dancing
  37. That they celebrate life everyday
  38. When they proudly show their first teeth that fell out
  39. Their first adult teeth
  40. Doing crafts together
  41. Having crafts on the fridge
  42. Their shiny eyes when they talk
  43. Their zest for life
  44. Their simple happiness
  45. Their first attempt at swimming
  46. Their first bike ride
  47. Their happiness when they solve their own problems
  48. Their happiness when they get along with their brothers and sisters
  49. Their talk with us at night
  50. Reading out loud to them
  51. Showing them the world
  52. Their intelligent questions
  53. Their personalities
  54. When they confide their dreams to us
  55. Their innate goodness
  56. Their inner wisdom
  57. Their authenticity
  58. Their successes
  59. Their first written words
  60. Their first written words to us
  61. Their belly laughs
  62. Their pictures
  63. Their interesting views of the world
  64. Their first steps in autonomy
  65. When they finally ride their bikes alone
  66. When they are independent enough to sleep over at their friends or grandparents
  67. Our successful attempts at being calm and kind leaders
  68. Developing our parenting expertise
  69. Becoming better humans together
  70. Our mutual cooperation
  71. That holidays and birthdays are so joyful
  72. Working on a project together
  73. Cooking together
  74. When they cook us a meal
  75. Evolving conversations
  76. Their quest of learning
  77. Their questioning everything
  78. Their first learnings of everything
  79. Their explorations
  80. Their integrity
  81. Their tenacity
  82. Their will
  83. Their core values
  84. When they fall and try again
  85. When we fall and do better next time
  86. When they first can stay home by themselves
  87. Their autonomy
  88. Their creative solutions
  89. When they take part in the good in the world
  90. When they discover their own spirituality
  91. When they discover their passions
  92. When they discover their mission in the world
  93. When they meet the love of their life
  94. When they realize a dream
  95. When they are our best friends for life
  96. When they help us back
  97. When they write to us, call, or visit
  98. Their children
  99. Their grandchildren
  100. That we won’t stop learning together to become better human beings
  101. When we realize family is the best thing that happened to us all.

Let’s focus on the miracles of life and celebrate those precious moments!

You might want to bookmark or put this on your fridge for those hard days.

Just saying. (I know I’m doing it!)


Happy Mother’s and Father’s Day!


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Let’s inspire each others and add to the list! What else do you love about parenting? Add numbers (102. , 103. …) and your favorite things about parenting below!


Marie-Eve Boudreault