Are you a Harry Potter lover? Here’s an idea to build your own wizard classroom in your bedroom!

Hpw to make your very  own Harry Potter bedroom!

With the recent publication of the latest Harry Potter book, your world may have become more magical than ever.

Since working on homework or projects that need a lot of effort can become a real challenge, there are some solutions to help motivate a Harry Potter fan.

One of these is to repurpose your entire bedroom.

I’m giving you here some ideas to recreate Hogwarts ambiance into your own bedroom.

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Personally, I would love to recreate this world for my kids using the wobble chair and the lab table. That way they could work on any project freely as they are able to move them to their convenience.

The wobble chair is nice for anyone that needs to move while he’s learning, especially people with ADHD. It also helps to work on your core strength while being static. Did you know that learning can be enforced while moving? This will is a great argument to get that wobble chair! There are a lot of models out there, think about checking the measurement of the furniture before buying it to be sure it will fit in you environment and to be able to sit comfortably.

Furthermore, the flat surface of the lab table will be great to let things stay there without any “dangers”  of falling down as opposed to certain desk types. It’s great for people, as myself, who don’t think before putting their pencils down and have them rolling all the way to the floor before they realize it! If you add a non-slip mat, you will have the perfect set up to help learners with sensory dysfunction.

Having a room that reminds you the life of Harry Potter may encourage you to try to do or learn some magic tricks to impress people. Don’t hesitate to do so as learning what interests you most is always the best way to remember it for a long period if time.  It is also a great occasion to make your own wizard costume or wand to personify Harry Potter yourself at every time of the year!

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