A Letter to the New Mom I Was


A Must-Read! A Lettre to the Mom I Was - Read all on This Parenting Thing

Hey you, it’s me!

Me meaning you in 6 years, when your newborn will be older.

I know right now, you are pretty nervous. Nervous to take care of a newborn baby for the first time. Nervous because you chose to be a stay-at-home mom. Nervous because you don’t know if everything will go well, if you’ll be able to take care of your son like you wish you would.

You know, that’s normal….

So, first of all, would you like to know if you succeeded in taking care of this beautiful newborn baby you’re holding?

Well, yes, you did!

You do it in an imperfect way, but you do your best. And that’s normal! It’s always like this. The perfect mom doesn’t exist. What’s important is to be the mom who tries her best! Your baby is now older and he’s extraordinary! When you make mistakes, just apologize. That’s not easy, but it will be with time…

What about your decision to be a stay-at-home mom? Does it work?

Well… yes and no. In fact, you never went back to work for someone else, but you went from stay-at-home mom to working-at-home mom. The kids (yes, more than one) are always at home with you or daddy. He started to work a bit less so you can work more. You know, the blog you’ve started for fun 2 years ago… it’s now a real job and that’s what pays the bills! But hey, no pressure! That’s okay if you don’t have time to write at the moment. Your priority is your baby, your family. And it’s still the same today.

Your kids managed to develop the capacity to interact with others, even if people scared you with that when you said you wouldn’t send them to kindergarten. Yes, I’m telling you, you can stop worrying about that! Your older son talks to everyone at the park. The little one, well, he’s like you, like me… he’s shy! And it’s not something that kindergarten can change, we are a living proof of that!

Most important…

The most important thing you need to know, I think, is that everyone is really happy at home. Us, parents, enjoy splitting our time between the kids and some work. The kids, they enjoy having a slow life: they get up in the morning once they are awake, they eat when they are hungry, they are having unstructured fun and they play with their parents too. I think it was your goal, the vision you had for your family… so I would say:

Mission accomplished!


Must-Read! A Letter to the New Mom I was - Read all on This Parenting Thing

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