FREE QUIZ: What kind of amazing mom are you? Find out how to be the mama you (really) dream to be!


What if your could know more about your deep yearnings as a woman and mom?

You could know what’s really making you thrive in your everyday life and go the best way for your future and the one of your little one…

… So this new quiz is the answer you need!

It’ll help you find out what mom personality you have, with a “totem-animal” to give you an example that will guide you in your momming life as well as in your professional life (if it’s the case).

While making the quiz, don’t forget that the more your answers are really what you’re living, the more you’ll have the results that are truly you.

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What kind of mom are you?


Questions and Answers on the Quiz


What inspired the test?

This test is a combination of a part of a psychological test, the Myers-Briggs, with current knowledge based on mothering and social sciences.

It was created to give you a better idea of how to respond to your deep motivations in this stage of life and your mothering. The results will tell you how to adapt your aspirations to your momming life.

And you will also be equipped to be the mom you dream to be.

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An introvert or extrovert, what does it mean?


There is no right or wrong type, this typology comes from how our brains work.

An introvert mom is someone who uses several parts of her brain when she talks for example, which allows her for depth but also makes her take more time to do it.

She mostly needs peace to recharge. She’s also someone who likes to work long hours without interruption. Her monologue is interior, in her thoughts. She prefers one-on-one exchanges.

An extrovert mom uses one part of her brain at a time, so she’s lively and enjoys talking a lot to people. She’s a “social butterfly”.

It is with her peeps that she fills her energy tank, and she thinks aloud generally, sharing and exchanging her ideas. Lack of sleep affects her more. She must be well surrounded and social to prosper.


Why this totem-animal?

It is to give you an idea of how you function as a person with the main features of this animal. You can do more research to study the mothering of your totem mom to guide you.

By cons it does not say what type is your child.

According to science, like biology and anthropology, a young child is still very dependent on his parents and on mothering.

So be careful that you and your partner respond carefully to his needs.


Discuss with your friends


Do your friends have the same type as you? Talk with your friends about your totem-animal and exchange tips for your respective type.

Happy momming! ?



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