Subliminal Parenting: Why it’s awesome to be a “subliminal” mom

Why it's awesome to be a subliminal mommy in your mom life #mommy Read on kids and parenting here:

Why it’s awesome to be a subliminal mommy


As parents we’re often suspicious, and with good reason, of messages that our children get with publicity.

But there’s a way to use a highlight of ads to have a more positive family life:

It’s to make our own positive subliminal mommy messages.


When I get up in the morning with my hot chocolate (I left caffeinated coffee a few years ago), on my cup it says: “Love, Laugh, Family”.

I’m looking at the schedule for the day, and I have a reminder that:

“The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice,” as said Peggy O’Mara.

There are pictures all over the house, anchors of our best moments together. And they are also chosen in this sense, even if they’re not “perfect”. It reminds me to be grateful to be a mom and of everything we do together.

We can take up any free space we have to be a subliminal mommy. As on our clothes, there are often positive messages like “It’s cool to be nice.”

These positive messages become like the north of our family compass. The cumulative effects of all of this make us a little more focused every day on the course to keep.

A compass that you can use for your family, if that’s your wish.

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Marie-Eve Boudreault