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Marie-Eve Boudreault is first mom to 4 awesome kids. But she's also known as "The Work-At-Home Mom" Specialist. She has inspired thousands of parents (140,000+ social media fans) on the path of working from home, natural parenting, and thriving living. Make sure to subscribe to her FREE Momming Masterclass if you want to create the thriving family life you dream of.


3 Sweet Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Family

Last revised: 13/02/2019   Are you big on celebrations? I wasn’t, and I’m not a big holidays decorator. But since having kids it brings me great joy to see their delight during festivities. And Valentine’s Day is one of the best holidays, a sweet day to celebrate love. It doesn’t have to be with a […]


Meditation and Suffering: Why meditate when we suffer and 4 ways we can do it

  The Parisian tragedy continues to make headlines. Internationally, compassionate waves abound. When pain rages, words are missing, questions invade our minds, I believe it is more important than ever to stop, and meditate. I still have much work to do on meditation, but here’s what I’ve learned so far.     Meditation and suffering […]

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