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7 Habits to Live the Life We Love [or be in love with the simple life]

Autumn is making its entry washing with soft rainy days the remnants of summer. Saved a few baskets of tomatoes, our organic garden melted with the rapid frost that visited us early this year. But this year is still blossoming. We are awaiting with joy a new one into our family! Tribulations of the first […]


Minimalism with a Family: How can you simplify and love your life?

  Full. This is how our house feels. While we’re in the midst of adopting minimalism, of purging Manufactured Things for manufactured needs, we still have a lot of work to do. Mostly on ourselves. And since I can’t really force other members of my family to embrace this path right away, the work is […]


Mom, Dad, You’re Doing Big Important Stuff.

  To all moms and dads, or future ones. Especially to stay-at-home parents, and myself, because we can be forgetful in the moment.   Dear Mom, Dad, At the time of writing summer is coming, with it maybe organizing priorities for the future. In the dark corner of our assessments, we can feel we are […]

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