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Momming Academy (Monthly)

$14.00 / month

Momming Academy (monthly package)

Rated 5.00 out of 5


With the Momming Academy, you’ll get access to:

  • 1 new email Mondays through Thurdays with answers to families’ most pressing issues, from pregnancy to teen years, but also on all the themes to be Thriving Humans, based on experience and the latest research. You’ll receive the course in a newsletter format right in your inbox so you can read it anywhere, anytime in your busy parenting life, as long as you’re subscribed.
  • What YOU need: Members can decide by feedback which subjects they want to learn more of as we go along.

This course is not for parents who are not ready to put the time to be the best parents they can be.

But if you are, you’ll be amazed by the results:


I’m Momming and the Academy are my number 1 resources. These are my sources of information, but also my sources of energy and support the most effective I know of. The information I have received and continue to receive is always clear and relevant.

In addition, I feel comfortable asking my questions. I feel supported and understood and it pushes me to surpass myself as a mother, but also as a person.

It’s good to have a resource like I’m Momming; a resource that looks like me and that allows me to trust me and appreciate even more each moment with my family!

Melanie Breton

Mom of a young baby


For about or less of the family price for Netflix or Youtube Premium to ensure your family is thriving!

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See you there,


Marie-Eve Boudreault

Thriving parenting and living specialist, author, Huffington Post blogger, helping parents on the web for over a decade

Founder of I’m Momming, an English and French resource followed by more than 140,000 caring parents